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Join hundreds of students that choose and discover the difference that affordable one-on-one language lessons from the convenience and safety of your home can make.


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Trusted Instructors

Our energetic and passionate instructors are dedicated to working with young learners and customize age-appropriate language learning material and methods to each individual student’s needs.

Interactive Learning

We are obsessed with providing the most exceptional learning experience, and make use of a specially-equipped secure, highly-interactive virtual classroom for all private language lessons. 

Real Results

Our instructors are located throughout the world, and families love and praise the immersive language learning experience and results that our private language lessons deliver. 

“…we already see so much progress”

“…the instructor’s warmth and engagement makes him want to attend her lessons every single day”

“…she is extremely patient, which is super important with kids”

“…we absolutely love our lessons”


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Our Story was founded to help families take the guesswork out of finding great language instructors for their children, helping preserve their native tongue, expand their minds and expose them to cultures of the world.

We are different from others because we care about privacy, security and trust, and work hard to ensure that we bring only the best instructors to your children’s language learning experience.

Give us a try and see why our students love us and recommend to their friends and loved ones. 

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Language lessons with eLingo are simple, affordable and fun! Check out our talented instructors, find available times for one-time, multiple or recurring lessons, and jump-start your family’s language learning journey!


Benefits of Language Learning

Academic Advantage

Bilingual children can outperform monolingual children in educational development, cognitive functions, social skills and literacy

Communication Skills

Language learning can improve emotional well-being through enhanced communication skills, which can have positive effects on your child’s friendships and relationships for many years to come

Improved Memory and Comprehension

Language learning can exercise the mind, helping improve memory and build effective multitasking, focus and problem solving skills

Cultural Awareness

Immersive language learning can expose children to diversity and provide the opportunity to learn customs, ideas, and perspectives from different regions and cultures


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Signing up for language lessons is easy! From your computer or mobile phone, go to to select your language, pick a preferred instructor and select a lesson date and time. Creating an account is not necessary, but is very convenient for future lesson reservations.

Can I schedule lessons using the app?

You can use the mobile app for registering and taking lessons! Our app is available for Apple and Android devices, and you can download our app from your favorite App store. Please note that we recommend using a computer or mobile device with larger screen for optimal learning experience.

Can I reserve a dedicated time slot?

Most of our families make language learning with a part of their weekly routine, and reserve dedicated time slots with their favorite instructors. Our scheduling options include single or multiple lesson dates and times, as well as a popular “recurring” option which allows you to reserve same days and times on a weekly basis for up to three months at a time.   

How do I access my lessons?

Once you sign up for your first lesson with, you will receive a welcome email containing simple instructions on how to access your lessons. This email will contain a link to our secure learning portal, as well as your dedicated classroom name and access code. These do not typically change, so we always recommend to print the message or writing down the classroom name and access code for future access.

Do you assign homework?

Our instructors customize a learning plan for your young learner, and may assign recommended homework to re-inforce the learning experience. When assigned, homework can be downloaded within your virtual classroom, or optionally, sent to you via email.

Do you allow gratuity or tips?

Our instructors are exceptional and we are very fortunate to have them on our team. Our instructors keep 100% of all gratuity they receive, and an option to add gratuity is available at the time of lesson scheduling.

Can I recommend to others?

We work hard to bring you and your young learners an exceptional language learning experience, and the best compliment we can receive is a recommendation of to your friends and loved ones. 

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Take the first step in helping your young learner master the languages you love. Let us show you how much of a difference we can help make through our unique, interactive and immersive learning methods.

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